The athlete's journey: transitions through sport

Are you a coach working with athletes of different ages? Are you a parent whose child has shown potential in sport? Perhaps you are an athlete looking ahead at your potential journey and choices through and beyond the sporting pathway? Whatever your involvement in sport, this course will help you understand the journey an athlete undertakes during their career, whether as a professional or recreational athlete and the nature of support they may need at different times. The athlete’s journey through sport can be characterized by several transitions and periods of change and each athlete’s journey will be experienced in a different way. In this free course, The athlete’s journey: transitions through sport, you will explore the psychological challenges of some of these transitions and the impact they can have on the athlete. This course will offer you practical guidance, whether you support athletes as a coach or parent or whether you are an athlete yourself, and draws on a wealth of case study and audio-visual material to bring the athlete’s journey to life.

The Wall

Jun 23
This was a spot on.
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