VarCity Pilot  Group Chat
This group chat is the place where all pilot users will be able to learn more about the community and how they can better interact with the community features.
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Support group for pushing past the pandemic
How has Covid-19 affected your athletic journey.
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Blazing Bears Running Group
Whatever your running goals may be, joining BBRG can help you achieve your running and fitness goals while providing a great social network in a supportive environment. BBRG local running club typically offer a variety of activities including: beginning running programs, regular group training runs...
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Parents & Supporters of transitioning student-athletes
Our group is designed to provide community support, advice and resources for parents and supporters of transitioning student-athletes. If you are a parent or supporter of a current or former student-athlete then this is the group for you. 
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What should I know NOW that I'm going to Community College
This group is for those student-athletes who are now going to community college to play sports.  Share some advice, leave a tip, or ask a question of what to expect once you get to campus.
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