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AJ Aug 23 '19
Questions to ask college coaches

When you’re calling college coaches, you need to have a list of questions prepared to ask them, which you will customize for each individual coach you’re talking to. For example, if you’re speaking with a coach at a highly competitive academic school, focus on academic-based questions. We’ve included some questions below that can help you get started.

  • What are the most popular majors for athletes on your team?
  • Does your team have an academic advisor and/or tutoring available to athletes?
  • Are there any specific majors that would interfere with the athletic schedule?
  • What are good academic goals I should strive for to meet the criteria of your university?
Athletics / Recruiting Process
  • How is your recruiting class looking for my graduation year?
  • What’s the best way to update you on my progress?
  • Are there any camps, combines or showcases that you’d recommend I go to?
  • Where do you typically evaluate your athletes?
  • If I come to your school for an unofficial visit, would you be able to meet with me?
Cultural / Social Fit
  • How do the athletes on your team interact with each other? Do they hang out together outside of practice and games?
  • What is the housing situation for athletes?
  • Do athletes stay on campus during the summer?