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Emrah Klimenta of the Oakland Roots Sports Club recently spoke up about mental health in a postgame interview and in a written piece.

I want to share Emrah’s words and my reaction with you…

In professions where we serve the mental health of humans, it’s often the case that we provide support and then are never really sure of the kind of impact that we make.

We believe that it’s positive, valuable, and healing. And that belief is all we need.

As icing on the cake, it’s sometimes nice to hear directly from that human what they gain from our time together.

Thank you Emrah, for your words, the icing.

Emrah’s words:

“I’m a big believer in the work that Lisa does. Not only for the mental side of your health or performance but it is always good to speak to someone who is a professional about certain problems you may have on or off the field.

Sometimes we don’t see certain things or think about certain situations in the same light the way Lisa might. Having her on the team I think can be very useful and beneficial for everyone.

You don’t even have to necessarily have any “problems” to speak to her. She’s great to just talk to and help you elevate your game on the mental side of things, which I believe will help you produce on the field.

She has definitely unlocked a different mental side of my game that I believe has helped me through situations that occur on the field. More so it has helped me off the field and how I approach life problems as well.”

Emrah Klimenta

Oakland Roots SC

Here’s a video of the postgame interview with Emrah Klimenta


Give it a listen (2:20)

Bottom line:

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but you do make an impact!!

What you do matters!!

Who you are matters!!

Keep up the good work!

We’re all in this together and I appreciate you!

Most importantly take care of yourself as you take care of others.

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Written by: Lisa Bonta Sumii

Original Published date: Oct 18, 2022

Antonio Brown has a history of concussions which can lead to CTE. One symptom

of  CTE is “erratic behavior.” Calling a “tantrum,” an “incident,” a meltdown shows a 

lack of understanding and knowledge. Brown and other @NFLplayers are playing 

undiagnosed. Living life with chronic headaches, changes in mood- including 

depression and agitation, and not realizing these are all symptoms of CTE.

Junior Seau died of suicide after coping with CTE symptoms for most of his life. Some say Seau chose to shoot himself in the chest instead of his head so his brain could be studied. They did, he had CTE. Lived his whole life not knowing, but knew “something was wrong.”


Get educated before you judge





Regular screening, diagnosis, and growing awareness of CTE is essential! When brains are injured and it causes mental health challenges.


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Written by: Lisa Bonta Sumii

Publish date: Jan 3, 2022