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The Milwaukie Bucks just won the NBA championship because Giannis Antetokounmpo is committed to training with weights consistently.  He is the most physically dominant player in the world because he has added 50lbs of muscle since being drafted into the NBA by the Bucks 8 years ago. This should serve as notice to all young athletes – TRAINING WILL HELP YOU REACH YOUR POTENTIAL.

There are many examples of athletes taking their skills to the next level after working with a professional strength coach or getting onto a team that prioritizes strength and conditioning. The biggest benefit to enhancing overall explosive strength, speed, conditioning and mobility is that it speeds up the athletic development process and limits chance at serious injury, regardless of age. The younger an athlete develops physically, the more chance they have to dominate their sport from then on.  Logically this makes sense.  Practically it is difficult for most athletes to focus on weight training during the early years.  Why is this?

Most young athletes play multiple sports throughout a year.  This is what most refer to as sufficient ‘cross training’ and majority of coaches and parents believe this to be a sufficient way to stay ‘injury free.’  Reality is that athletes who do not spend enough time recovering and training in the weight room will be more prone to injury regardless of how busy they are playing different sports.  The body is weak when the body is weak, no matter how busy it is.

Young athletes, parents and coaches need to spend less time and money on travel teams, tournaments and gear and more time and money on TRAINING.  Plain and simple, it is the most beneficial allotment of resources athletes between ages 12-18 years old can make.  This is an investment which will pay back dividends in college scholarships and possibly even the athlete making it professionally.  But most importantly, athletes learning to eat right and train consistently are assets to them for the rest of their lives.

Sure AAU basketball is fun, 7 on 7 football gets you exposure and club team travel tournaments for softball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc are a great way to get your name out there.  It is certainly important to compete in sports and skills practice sessions. But what matters most is how athletes’ bodies perform and hold up in the long run.  Regardless of where an athlete goes to high school, if they are strong and dominant they will be noticed and on the radar of college scouts.

College scouts and coaches are paid a nice salary to find athletes with elite potential no matter how small their school or town, state or country.  Some of the best athletes in the world come from the smallest towns in the United States and Overseas and they all have one thing in common, they all TRAIN EXPLOSIVE CONSISTENTLY AND NEVER GIVE UP because they understand it will be worth it when they win.

Here is a simple full body routine straight from our training app that can be done by any athlete any day anywhere at anytime:

4 Rounds

40 Dumbbell Walking Lunges

(10-20% body weight each hand) 

30 Marching Planks

20 Squat Jumps

10 Prone Y-Extensions 

*2-3 minute active rest after each round (roll out)


Date: 07.24.2021